The brand to franchise 

“The happiest business in all the world is that of making friends.” 

Bill Gates quotes

Han's is a household name in the Singapore food industry. The success of the brand name 
Han's, however, is something we want to share with you. Often, we think it’s just the shell of 
the business that a franchisee gets but Han’s wants to share the soul of the business with 
you. To us, you are more than a business partner - you are a friend. 

What you are really signing up for when you come on board is being part of our family which 
embarked on a life-changing journey many years ago. It started with a leap of faith in 1977 
when the siblings of a Han family opened a cake shop named Han's Bakery & Confectionery 
in Upper Thomson Road. The rest they say is history and Han’s has since become a well-
loved F&B chain with 27 outlets today. 

People are our passion and what drives us to be bigger and better is knowing that by 
partnering with us, whether here or overseas, together we will be able to offer more people 
quality food and beverages at affordable prices. That’s how we even got here in the first 

Will you take the next step and leave a legacy with us? 


An amazing journey awaits: 

Please contact:

Mr Kelvin Han  
DID: (65) 6708 6727