Hans Philosophy

"Make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come." 

Chinese Proverb 

Step into Han’s and you will be greeted by friendly faces from different walks of life. What started 
out initially as a family business has now grown organically to be a business that is family to our 
staff. Think of us as a sturdy oak tree that offers not just shelter but branches of opportunity for 
those who join us and seek reprieve in a fast-paced marketplace. 

In the past decade, we have recognised the changing needs of our nation’s demographic, 
causing our workforce to evolve along with it. It is with thankfulness that we are able to 
work hand-in-hand with relevant bodies to redesign jobs for older workers and recruit 
People with Disabilities through job attachment programs. Employees from over 10 
countries also add to our diverse microcosm. 

Ultimately, we view each individual as a unique team player and hence invest in their 
training extensively. This is one crucial way we can continue to serve the community while 
rendering top-notch service in the Food and Beverage industry. No man should be left 
behind and that is also why we believe in donating unsold food items to charitable 
organisations for the love of people and not profit.