With over 27 outlets islandwide, Singaporeans have come to love Hans, a place where you can tuck into Han's signature dish and a whole range of quality menus at reasonable prices in a comfortable environment. At Han's we are committed To serve you with a warm heart and a warm smile. Check out our delectable menus and delicious cakes and pastries.


It is all online, from selecting your local and Western favorites from our wide range of menus, to making your reservations and payment, for on-site occasions or if you prefer, your very own party at Han's.


You can now order Han's delightful cakes and pastries with just a few clicks - everything from Han's Classics such as Blackforest and Tiramisu to cakes for cheese lovers such as Blueberry Cheesecake.


At Han's you will be spoilt for choice. Starting your morning with Hans Set Breakfast, there are All-Day Set Meals and local favorites to Pasta, Focaccia and Salads. Great value, food and comfort, only at Han's.




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Han's (F&B) Pte Ltd

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Singapore 758297

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Hans is a household name in the Singapore food industry. The success of the brand name Hans started in 1977 when the siblings of the Han family opened a cake shop named Hans Bakery & Confectionery in Upper Thomson Road with the support of their parents.

Shortly in 1980, Hans opened its first caf-cum-pastry outlet at The Arcade in Collyer Quay in Singapores financial hub. Hans has grown steadily and has become a well-known F&B chain with twenty one outlets today.

Hans has been expanding briskly in upmarket areas such as Hans largest and flagship caf-cum-bakery restaurant (15,000 sq ft) at Great Eastern Centre in the city and Hans at the new 16-storey Singapore National Library. Hans has built a solid reputation for serving quality food and beverage at affordable prices and everyone knows that Hans offers value-for-money. Hans reasonable prices has always been a powerful lure and makes the chain virtually unbeatable and recession-proof.

In 2004, Hans was awarded Superbrands status and Mr Han Choon Fook, Managing Director of Hans, was awarded one of the top entrepreneurs for 2006.

There are further plans to expand the chain to 30 outlets and more in Singapore in the near future.

Hans is now ready to go beyond Singapore and enter the international market through franchising.

We are now looking for savvy entrepreneurs and established companies to join us as our franchisees in the Asia Pacific region including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Phillippines, as well as internationally.

Please contact:

Mr Gan Yee Chin Mr Han Tong Siew
DID: (65) 6556 0089 Tel: (65) 6556 0089
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Mr Han Choon Fook, then a civil servant, offers cakes made by his brother Choon Kuang to colleagues and friends, and received excellent comments for its quality. Choon Kuang was a baker at the former Red House Bakers and Confectioners Shop, a landmark in Victoria Street.


The popularity of his brothers cakes inspires Choon Fook to quit his job to open a small bakery with his siblings in Upper Thomson Road.


The first Hans caf opens at The Arcade in the financial district. It quickly acquires a reputation for quality food at budget prices, serving Hainanese mainstays such as pork chop and chicken rice, to pasta dishes and homemade soups.


Hans Caf opens its largest outlet called The Tasty Town with an area of some 15,000 sq ft at the Great Eastern centre in the Central Business District.


Hans Caf received the Superbrands Award which recognizes its Market Dominance, Customer Loyalty, Longevity, Overall Market Acceptance and Customer Goodwill.


Hans expands steadily and now has over 18 outlets islandwide. Today, its food menu has more than 200 items, from Western favorites, pastas to local delights, sundaes, smoothies and more. Its bakery menu also has a wide range of cakes and pastries available at all the outlets.


Mr Han Choon Fook, Managing Director of Hans, is named one of the Top Entrepreneurs for 2006.


Hans pledges with Tripartite to promote Fair Employment Practices.


Hans Bakery&Confectionary Pte Ltd has received HACCP certification.


Hans Caf receives the Singapore Service Star from Singapore tourism Board.

On December 2010, Hans Caf and Hanis Caf met the requirements for the SingaporeService Class certification (S-Class) for business excellence from SPRING Singapore. In the same year, Hans received the Singapore Top 500 SME from the ranking body and publisher DP Information Group.


Hanis Caf receives the full HACCP certification.

The Enabling Employer Award was accorded by the SNEF on 24 March 2011 and this was followed by the Epicurean Star Award Singapore 2011 and the Maybank Business Excellence Award (Casual Dining).

Hans was given recognition with the Singapore SME 1000 Company by DP Information Group, a well known ranking body publisher.

In October 2011, Hans received BCM SS 540 : 2008 certification.


On 23 February, Hans received the Enabling Employer Award from SNEF.

Hans acknowledged with the Singapore SME 1000 Company by DP Information Group.


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Hans Corporate Vision

The preferred food and beverage provider

Hans Mission Statement

To provide quality food and beverage at reasonable prices in a comfortable environment

Hans Service Promise

Hans is committed To serve you with a warm heart and a warm smile



Hans Philosophy

Hans offers all candidates equal opportunity at work. Hans senior management strongly supports all candidates with equally employment opportunities.

Staff is rewarded on merit, treated properly and fairly. We also give employment opportunities to senior citizens and the disabled so that they can have additional income.

Today, Hans has created a harmonious and family-like relationship with staff, making them feel most valued and respected.

Hans started diversifying its workforce since 2006 by embarking with the following initiatives:

  • Redesign jobs for mature and older workers
  • Recruitment of people with disabilities through job attachment programs
  • Employment of ex-offenders through the Yellow Ribbon Project
  • Recruitment of employees from over 10 countries

Enabling Employment Policy

Caring has been a core value ever since Hans was founded several years ago. That is why, we do not hesitate to respond to calls to assist and employ PWDs (People With Disabilities).

Hans started to employ 22 PWDs in 2008 when the economy had slowed down. By 2010/2011, the intake of PWDs increased to more than 40, accounting for 10% of Hans workforce.

It is significant that over the same period that Hans intensively hired more PWDs, our profit increased by a staggering 200%! This robust performance strongly proves that hiring PWDs would not compromise the companys productivity. We were happy to cite our community-focused model at the recent National Productivity Campaign.

We attribute Hans huge success to four key factors:

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Intensive staff training
  • Streamlines work processes
  • Advanced technologies and semi-automation machinery with the help of Government agencies

We want to emphasize that the care and desire to integrate the less fortunate and less privileged individuals into the workforce contributes to an inclusive and harmonious working environment. This is even more critical for achieving good results. Hans is able to do well largely due to its caring culture. This is something we will do regardless of good or bad times.

Training and Development

Hans offers equal opportunity to all staff to attend training workshops. All PWD candidates including those under On-Job-Training (OJT), part-timers or full time workers, will go through in-house training.


Since 2006, bread that is unsold at the end of the day is given freely to the needy and to charitable organizations such as Food from the Heart (FFTH).


Businesses and Unions Cluster Networking Night 2011, 23 February at the Singapore Flyer

Commitment to Workplace Harmony and Resilience

Message by Mr Han Choon Fook, Managing Director - Hans Group of Companies

Hans together with its halal division Hanis - we have a great diversity in a dynamic workforce. Out of a total strength of more than 400 people, we have about 180 foreigners who are from Malaysia, China, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, etc.

We treat all our employees fairly and work together with mutual respect. The company is managed based on merit and performance. All people, regardless of race or nationality are working as one family. The inclusive and harmonious working environment has enabled us to perform well in recent years.

Speech by Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister of Manpower in the Community Engagement Program (CEP)

Tripartite partners have also been encouraging companies to implement CEP in their organizations. Hans (F&B) Pte Ltd is one such company. It has both local and foreign staff, with 40% of its local employees being mature workers and 10% hired under the flexi-work scheme. Given the diversity of its workforce,

Hans has taken steps to ensure that its work environment is inclusive and harmonious. By having regular communication sessions, employees have the opportunity to surface any concern or issue they may have. The follow-up actions that have been taken to resolve concern would be shared by management with employees at subsequent sessions. At the outlet level, fairly treated at all times, and that any workplace issue is resolved appropriately and expeditiously.

As part of its business continuity plans, the company will also actively keep a lookout for, and manage any issue or incident that may potentially affect the harmonious working relationships among their staff. Memorandums would be disseminated to help clarify employees concerns where necessary.

Such plans have helped the company maintain the morale and productivity of its employees thereby minimizing disruptions to its business operations